The success of franchising comes from its systems.  What most franchisees forget is that there are some systems that you need to create.  These are the systems that are unique to you and your business.

We spend so much time focusing on the systems of the franchise, that sometimes we forget to systemise the items that are unique to us.

A simple example would be how you lock up and secure your shopfront (if you have one).  Every location will be a little different so do you have a system for you and your staff on how to lock up and how to do that safely.

I have a franchisee that has a rule that two people lock up and walk out together because their neighbourhood is not unsafe, but it isn’t the safest in the city so to protect their staff they implemented this rule.  Now, with that came a challenge as each of the two staff members would sometimes assume that the other staff member had done something in the lock up process so many times, the morning staff would come in to find that things had been left on all night or worse still, that the back door had not been locked!  This franchisee had to create a system of lock up each night to ensure that all items were done. This was not something the franchisor could create for them, it was unique to them and their location.

You will have many things that are unique to you, but as we know, systems help a business to run in a predictable and profitable way, so make sure you take the time to create the systems that are unique to your business to see an even greater result in your business and sometimes that result is just less stress and knowing that things are being done – like the back door has been locked!

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