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Why do you love business coaching, speaking and training?

Tracey Leak - business coach, speaker and trainer.  Franchise coaching and training.

I was firstly a client and it was my coach that encouraged me to become a coach.  I know first hand what an impact business coaching can have on your business and life.  It has been such a pleasure for the last decade helping business owners, franchisees and team members gain confidence in themselves and to be able to grow their business.  It is so exciting to see people change their situation, get more of the things they want and achieve their goals in business and life.

What is the key to a good presentation?

The key to helping an audience whilst presenting is to understand your audience.  You need to present in a tone, style and energy that allows your audience to consume and learn the key message of your presentation.  The presenter is not the star of the show.  You must add value to your audience or otherwise, you need to get off the stage!

How do you approach coaching and training franchise groups?

I think the important thing to remember is that every person is individual.  A lot of coaches will approach coaching and training of franchisees as if they all have the same business.  Yes, they are all running the same type of business, but every franchisee has a different business because they are all individuals.  If you don’t understand this basic principle, you don’t get results when coaching and training a franchise group.  Every person has different skills and talents, different goals and dreams.

The other factor is to get franchisees to follow the system.  The best and most successful franchisees understand this and use the system to grow their business bigger, stronger and faster.

For both of these reasons, I tailor make all of my training and coaching depending on the franchise group.

What are your greatest strengths as a business coach, speaker and trainer?

I’d say that what my clients tell me is that I coach, train and speak with common sense principles, nuts and bolts, practical strategies.  Surprisingly, the other comment I get a lot is that I can take complicated items and make them simple, without making my clients or audience feel silly or stupid for not understanding them previously.

I think that it is more important to let people know what they are doing right first and then work on the weaknesses.  Most business owners know what they aren’t doing well, they don’t need me to pick on them as well.  Instead I focus on their strengths and how we can better use them in their business or life and how we can use them to lift their weaknesses.

Who do you like working with the most?

I love to work with people that really want to do what it will take to grow their business or make a real change in their life.  Also, they have a real burning desire to achieve something.  It doesn’t have to be a big reason like saving the world, it might be as simple as they want to provide for their family and have more time with their kids.  It doesn’t matter what someone’s business is, it matters more to me about what they want to achieve and who they want to be.

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