Trusting someone to speak to your organisation, team or clients is a personal thing . . . it takes trust . . . so let me get a little personal with you and share why it is that I get out of bed, get on planes, sleep in hotel rooms, drive the miles to do what I do.

I grew up in a small business.  My Mum had a manufacturing business making school uniforms (which are compulsory in Australia for my international visitors).  Mum did something special in her business that a big manufacturing business would NEVER do.  If one of the retailers had a girl come in that was a unique shape . . . tall and skinny, short and plump, tall and plump or short and petite . . . and didn’t fit the ‘standard sizes’, Mum would custom make a uniform to their exact measurements . . . for just $8 more!  Mum always said that it was hard enough being a teenager without having to go to school with a badly fitting uniform.

Why do I tell you this story?  Because this is how I feel about my clients.  Everyone of them has their own unique shape!  There is a great saying that is ‘Systemise the routine, Humanise the exception’.  I like to look for the exceptions which enables me to connect and help more people – no matter how many people are in the room.

So many speakers simply present the exact same presentation time and time again, without a lot of thought of who is in their audience.  The basics of the presentation may be the same, but are they tailoring parts or all to their audience?  I do . . . plus I make it interactive and energising!

I don’t have a magic wand, but I do have a very particular set of skills and personality to HELP people achieve success in their business and/or life – NO MATTER what obstacles they face – with SIMPLE and PRACTICAL steps that give people CONFIDENCE to IMPLEMENT actions.

I strive to help people unlock their TRUE POTENTIAL.  I look for how I can HELP good, honest people discover that with a few simple strategies, they and their family can have the life they deserve.  Is this what you are looking for?

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These are the things I believe in . . .

Good Family Values

Willingness to invest in you & your business

Old fashioned, work ethic

Getting things DONE

Honesty & Integrity

Focus on strengths

Helping REAL people

Keeping things SIMPLE !

If you do too, then I could be the right speaker for you and your organisation.

Tracey was invited to our conference to present to our Franchisees on the benefits of expansion and growth of their franchise business.  Our franchisees really connected with Tracey’s practical style and valued her presentation. Because of the positive feedback we received, we asked Tracey to contribute to our ongoing franchisee support and to have a coaching session for our new franchisees during their training week. Tracey has a natural ability to coach and train franchisees with common sense and a practical approach that our franchisees in particular can relate to.   I’m very glad to have Tracey on our team and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Warren Ballantyne

Founder & Managing Director, Gutter-Vac

I recently attended the Noble Brands Annual conference as I wanted to catch up with our staff & franchisees since I’m not involved with the daily operations these days.  I experienced 4 keynote speakers but I really didn’t need any hype or motivation but real business ideas to improve our business and implement immediately. Tracey was down to earth, engaging, humorous but more importantly I learned some new business processes that I could implement the next day. I couldn’t wait to read her book 101 Tips for Franchisees which I finished on one plane trip to Los Angeles the following week. If you mean business and want to improve your franchise system give Tracey a call. She won’t disappoint you!

Barry J. Falcon

Co-Founder, Partner, Board Member, Noble Brands

I would like to congratulate you on your fantastic presentation ‘Profit by Numbers’ that you contributed to the Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions AGM delegates on Hamilton Island. Your delivery of content to the delegates was entertaining, humorous and informative.  Your friendly engaging nature held everyone’s attention from start to finish and your information was explained in plain english and easy to understand. Feedback from the franchisees was very positive and many are keen to implement your ideas into their businesses.

Debbie Stoffels

Master Franchisor, Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions