Speaking at conferences, events, leading training sessions through to webinars, Tracey is an engaging speaker that always adds value to an audience by focusing on what they need and what will help them achieve their success.

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With more than a decade of coaching individuals and groups, Tracey coaches with a practical, down to earth style that gets results.  Sometimes you need someone outside of your story to see for you that which you can’t see because you are just too close to it.

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Taking all of her speaking and coaching experience, Tracey has developed, and continues to develop, courses, books and audios to help individuals with self lead – and affordable – programs.  Tracey is a best selling author, making it to #2 on Amazon’s best sellers list.

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Tracey regularly blogs articles, tips and videos to further add value to you.  They are 100% free so go check them out to gain information, ideas, strategies or tips to help you in your business or franchise business.

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Tracey was invited to our 2012 conference to present to our Franchisees on the benefits of expansion and growth of their franchise business.  Our franchisees really connected with Tracey’s practical style and valued her presentation.  Because of the positive feedback we received, we asked Tracey to contribute to our ongoing franchisee support and to have a coaching session for our new franchisees during their training week.  Tracey has a natural ability to coach and train franchisees with common sense and a practical approach that our franchisees in particular can relate to.  Tracey has also helped us look at our own business as the Franchisor, and help to develop strategies to grow our business.  I’m very glad to have Tracey on our team and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Warren Ballantyne

Franchisor, Gutter-Vac

Tracey is a fantastic addition to the support team at First Class Accounts.  Tracey’s role is to support the start-up businesses within the franchise network which is producing great results.  As a result of Tracey presenting a keynote session at our national conference, a number of our long term franchisees asked us to engage her to help with their business growth, planning and strategies.  Tracey is a great asset to us all.

Debbie Stanton

Franchise Support Manager, First Class Accounts

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