Speaking at conferences, events, leading training sessions through to webinars, Tracey is an engaging speaker that always adds value to an audience by focusing on what they need and what will help them achieve their success.

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With more than a decade of coaching individuals and groups, Tracey coaches with a practical, down to earth style that gets results.  Sometimes you need someone outside of your story to see for you that which you can’t see because you are just too close to it.

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Taking all of her speaking and coaching experience, Tracey has developed, and continues to develop, courses, books and audios to help individuals with self lead – and affordable – programs.  Tracey is a best selling author, making it to #2 on Amazon’s best sellers list for her book on home-based business.

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Maybe you are looking for a little inspiration, a tip or hint, or just want to see what Tracey has to say next.  Full of information, videos, resources and helpful ideas – and sometimes a funny perspective – it’s worth your time to check out Tracey’s blog.

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In a world where many believe that if you make your information more complicated, it makes you more important, sort after and can charge more, Tracey is doing the opposite.  Tracey believes that for the best results, stop making things so hard.  Take the complicated and make it simple to see great results.

“Whenever I’m working with someone – be it an individual or one thousand people in a conference – I always look to add value to them with ideas and strategies that they can implement with ease and confidence.  Many people are not lacking the skills or even the knowledge, they are lacking the confidence and the steps to make it happen.  That’s what I help them with.”

Business Basics

Business is like an onion.  If you are in business for the first time, then all of your learnings are like the outer layer of an onion.  If you’ve been in business twenty years, then you can learn the very same lesson as someone new, except it is like you are closer to the core of the onion, so getting the lesson on a different level.  The lessons don’t change, it’s how you implement them and the level you are at – but the lessons are always the same.

Many business owners forget to do the simple steps that work in their business.  Business is not hard, it’s simple and straight forward – it is us that make it hard and get in our own way of success.

Tracey focusses on getting business owners back to basics and to implement ideas and strategies, not just learn them.

Client Attraction (Marketing)

How do we get more leads?

Can we make the phone start ringing?

When many people think marketing they are actually thinking advertising or promotion.  They go to the “what” of marketing or “how” to market.

Instead, Tracey gets business owners to think about the “who” to begin with.  Who is your ideal customer and what do we need to do and be to attract them to our business?

Tracey uses a simple 5 step process to help anyone become a great marketer and increase enquiries to your business – even if you don’t have a marketing degree!

Stop Selling, Start Helping

Selling is a major fear for many people.  Afraid of becoming or presenting themselves as the slimy salesperson, many people go to the other end of the scale and forget to even ask for the sale, or worse still, talk people out of buying!

Tracey uses an interactive approach when teaching sales, that gives people – even those that hate selling – the confidence to make sales.

“When I can get people to stop thinking about selling to customers and replace that with how can I help my customers, conversion rates and confidence go up.”


With more than a decade of experience coaching, training and speaking for franchise groups, franchisors and franchisees, Tracey knows how to get a franchisee more profitable and confident in their business – whether they are a new franchisee or one that has been with the system for some time.

The biggest thing to remember when working with a franchise group is that even though everyone is running the same type of business, using the same system, every franchisee has a different business, because every franchisee is a different person.  Remember to coach the person, not the business is key when working with a franchise.

Tracey has added a new program for Franchise Field Consultants to help them motivate franchisees to be more profitable and more successful.  Check it out at http://www.motivatingfranchisees.com  (Note:  There is a free 1 hour video presentation on ‘3 Ways to Increase Franchisees Profitability for Field Consultants’).

Also available for Franchises is Tracey’s Profitable Franchisees program.  Check out the products page on this site (or Click Here).

Coming soon!  Tracey’s latest book ‘101 Tips for Franchisees’.  This book will be available on Amazon for single sales, but for bulk purchases, please contact Tracey for bulk purchase pricing.

And remember, Tracey is a great and experienced presenter for Franchise conferences – Click Here.

What do you really want?

Many business owners forget to stop and remember what it is they really want – not just for their business, but for their life.

It is very easy to get caught up in the chase of a successful business, but if you got into business to have more time with your family, but you seem to be working more and more hours so that you can make more money, then you have lost sight of what you really want.

It is very difficult to coach a business owner if you don’t understand what it is they are working towards, what it is they want for their life.  Business is a vehicle to take you to a destination, but many people forget to work out their destination so end up driving around and around in circles, unhappy with the journey, but not understanding why.

Before beginning any coaching program, Tracey always takes the time to get to know you and what it is that you are trying to achieve.

Unlock your true potential

How many business owners are out there in the game of business, but playing it small?  How many are afraid of hitting a home run because they don’t want people to be jealous or envious of their success?

What talents and skills are you just not using?  Do you even believe in yourself and what you are truly capable of?

After coaching and training business owners for more than a decade, Tracey understands what it takes to unlock a persons true potential and have them ‘hitting home runs’ in their business and life.  Having the confidence to use their talents and skills and having the realization that it is OK to be who you are truly meant to be and to play as big as you want in your business and life.

Team Success

If you have a team or more commonly called staff, you will realize that having the right people on your team can make all the difference just has having the wrong people can also make all the difference in your business.

Just like a sporting team, there is a time and place for team meetings and team practice, re-skilling or even maybe up-skilling.  It is important to make sure you put some focus on your team to make sure that whether or not you are in the business, they are running the business, doing their jobs, in the same way to the highest of standards.

Tracey doesn’t just work with low performing teams, in fact more often than not, she is actually working with good, if not great teams, but it is because the business owner understands the concept of investing in their team.

The only frustration you will have is that Tracey will probably tell your team things that you have told them a million times, but all of a sudden it is like a new idea or a revelation in their life!  Just as it happens with kids, a new voice saying the same message can create the idea that this is a new message!

Tracey was invited to our 2012 conference to present to our Franchisees on the benefits of expansion and growth of their franchise business.  Our franchisees really connected with Tracey’s practical style and valued her presentation.  Because of the positive feedback we received, we asked Tracey to contribute to our ongoing franchisee support and to have a coaching session for our new franchisees during their training week.  Tracey has a natural ability to coach and train franchisees with common sense and a practical approach that our franchisees in particular can relate to.  Tracey has also helped us look at our own business as the Franchisor, and help to develop strategies to grow our business.  I’m very glad to have Tracey on our team and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Warren Ballantyne

Franchisor, Gutter-Vac

Tracey is a fantastic addition to the support team at First Class Accounts.  Tracey’s role is to support the start-up businesses within the franchise network which is producing great results.  As a result of Tracey presenting a keynote session at our national conference, a number of our long term franchisees asked us to engage her to help with their business growth, planning and strategies.  Tracey is a great asset to us all.

Debbie Stanton

Franchise Support Manager, First Class Accounts

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