I have a term I use that is business karma.  I kind of believe that if I do something good for someone else, then eventually it will come back to me.  Now, it is not a direct back and forth most of the time.  I might do something good for someone and then they will do good for someone else, but somewhere down the track, someone will do something good for me when I need it.

You really can’t go wrong doing good stuff in business or life for that matter.

As a franchisee, you have lots of people you can do good stuff for and that would be all the other franchisees.  Without any hesitation, I will tell you that the franchisees that are the most helpful to the other franchisees and that contribute to the group as a whole, they are usually making the most profit – without a doubt!

You will always catch more bees with honey than vinegar, so get out there and do good stuff for people.  Hold your temper and work calmly through issues.  Use your manners and look for the little things you can do to help others.

It will come back to you.