If you have ever read a wealth creation book, they will probably have written in it somewhere that your current net worth is probably within about 10% of the average of the five people that you associate with the most.

I want to use that same thought, but in your franchise group.  If you are hanging out with the franchisees that are negative and complaining and not successful in their business, then that is where you are going to be too.  It can also be the opposite as well.  If you are hanging with the successful franchisees, you are increasing your chances of being successful too.

Franchises can be a weird business model.  You can talk to everyone, but that doesn’t mean you should.  People are weird that’s why this is the case.  Some people are just negative types of people.

The problem in franchising is that we get into a comfort zone.  In fact, this happens everywhere.  I often run a workshops and they might go for two days.  Without a doubt, 90% of people in the workshop, on the second day, will go to the exact same seat they had on the first day.  Comfort zone.

The most common one I see is that franchisees will hang out at conference with the other franchisees that they did training with.  That in itself isn’t a problem, but you don’t want to only hang out with those franchisees because you won’t learn and grow.

I had to tell a franchisee one time to stop hanging out with the negative franchisees.  And just so you know, no matter what your franchise group is, there are always some negative ones.  I predict that it is about 10% of franchisees will fall in the negative zone.  Don’t hang out with them or at least limit your time with them.

Find the franchisees that want to grow their business, want to find new ideas, want to share what is working for them and to learn from you.  Find the franchisees that have the same value as you.

My Dad used to always say ‘It is hard to soar like an eagle if you are hanging out with turkeys’ so maybe it is time for you to start hanging out with the eagles rather than the turkeys.  Maybe it is time you started to act and think like an eagle rather than a turkey.

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