A common problem with franchisees is that they are just not organised.  Often times they are running around trying to do everything themselves and not being very effective at it.  Even if they do have a team, they are under-utilising them and this shows in the results the business is getting.

A key component to any business is understanding who does what and by when.

Think of any team sport.  Let’s use soccer as the example.  Successful soccer teams play in positions.  They don’t play how they used to play when they first started.  Remember how a team of 5 year olds play soccer – everyone is like a swarm of bees, following the ball around the field.  Not all that effective.  As you grow older and want to get results in soccer, you start playing in positions.  Not everyone plays the goalie’s position, just the goalie.  Then you have your strikers and the forwards.  They have a very different roles and need to do different things at different times in the game in comparison to their defensive side of the team.

How are you playing the game of your business?  Is everyone just following the ball around or do you each have positions?

It is also about placing the right people in the right positions too.  We all have different skills so therefore we should play different positions.  Think of elite sporting teams.  They do all sorts of tests to place their players in the best positions on the team to what their natural strengths are.  Are you doing that with your team?

I know this seems like an obvious point, but when was the last time you reviewed who was doing what and by when in your team?

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