Do you find that most days, your time is just slipping through your fingers?  You get to the end of the day and firstly don’t know where the time in the day has gone, but secondly, you don’t know what you have achieved in that time and it in fact feels like you didn’t get anything achieved at all?

There is a very simple tip to help you with this and that is to set a timer.  I just use the alarm on my phone.  I set a time for every hour.  When that timer goes off, I just ask myself the question, ‘Is what I am doing right now, the best use of my time?’

What I find is that in one hour, even if I have got off track, I haven’t wasted the whole day off path, I can correct my course.  I also find that one hour is not so quick that I have an alarm going off every 15 minutes, I have time to complete a task.

Treat it like a game. How much can you get done in the next hour?  What it will do is help you to stay on track during the day, so that you don’t get to the end of the day wondering where the day went and what did you do?

(Extra Tip:  This is a great idea for your team too!)