I know this might seem like a weird tip, but I’ve found those franchisees that are happy and enjoying their business journey are generally more profitable – which of course is the purpose of having a business.

At conferences, I see a lot of grumpy franchisees.  Maybe grumpy is not the right word, but they are just not happy.  No smiles, no enthusiasm and no excitement in their business and perhaps their life.  Life is so much better if you can find happiness even when things are not great.

When I see these grumpy franchisees, I’m thinking in my head ‘Gee, I hope you don’t look like that in your business or talk to your customers this way!’ and I can pretty much guess that the majority of them do.

Put yourself in a customers shoes.  How do you feel when you go into a business and everyone is happy and cheerful compared to deadpan or grumpy?  Which one would you go back to?  Which would you refer your friends to?

A little bit of happiness and a smile can do more for your business than a dozen marketing campaigns and strategies, plus things go smoother in life if you can be happy.

Don’t think you have to ‘get’ happy.  Happiness is a choice.  You can either choose to be happy – no matter what is happening – or you can choose not to be happy.  The choice is yours, but I know which one is going to help your business – and life – more!

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