As a business owner, if you want to achieve something then you need to set your intentions on it.  You have probably heard of law of attraction or RAS (Reticular Activating System).  These are things of where you set your intentions, set your focus on what you want.

Have you ever bought a new car and then as you drive around in your new car, you see that type of car, probably even in the same colour, everywhere on the streets?  This is setting your intentions in action.  It works.

Know what you want and then focus on it.  This is why when you are marketing, I always get franchisees and business owners to start with who is their ideal client.  It allows us to set our intentions, our focus on finding these people.

You need to be able to visualise it, see it in your mind – or in real life – what you are going after.

Too many of us focus on what we don’t want.  A bit like if you are skiing and you decide that you don’t want to run into the trees just off to the side of the ski slope.  Well, if you don’t want to run into the trees, don’t focus on them because if you do, you will ski straight into the trees.  Focus on where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go.

It is amazing how much more good stuff can happen when you put a little focus and intention behind it.