Belief is one of those words thrown around that can seem a bit ‘airy fairy’ but it is vital to your business.  Belief is not knowing everything.  That’s impossible.  Belief is understanding who you are and what you do and having the confidence in that.

Believe that you are exactly who you need to be, that you can do the things you need to do.  Believe that you will take care of your customers and your team.  Believe that you would never do anything intentionally to harm another.  Believe that if you don’t know the answer that you know where you can go to find an answer.

Belief in yourself is really important and in a franchise, if you don’t have belief in yourself, if you are just starting out, then put your belief into the system until you create belief for yourself.  I call it the ‘royal we’.  That is ‘we’ do this or ‘we’ do that.  Until you have your stories or your examples, you can leverage off the other franchisees stories or examples.

If you don’t know whether or not you can run and build a business, then believe in the franchise system.  Others have gone before you and made it work.  Stop listening to that voice that says ‘But what if I am the only one that can’t make it work’.  Simply put, it is not in the franchisor’s best interest to allow you to fail.  They know how to help, you just have to allow them to help, believe that they can help you and believe that they know what they are doing.