Many franchisees are simply not confident, especially with the opportunity they have in their hands with their business.  What I see that stops many franchisees is that they are fearful of being overly confident and things not working out or that if they are too confident, then other franchisees will see them as arrogant.

Confidence doesn’t have to be an external display.  It is not something that you have to prove or show others.  Confidence can be quiet.  You can just have an internal quiet confidence that no one other than you needs to know about.

The point is, start being confident.  Be confident in your abilities to run your business.  Be confident in the business model.  Be confident that if you don’t know something, you know who to go to, to get the answers.

Not having that inner confidence is costing you profit.  We are taught in society to not believe in ourselves, don’t get too big for your boots, don’t show off.  But having a quiet confidence in you, your business and the team you have supporting you – staff and head office – and then you can allow more success into your business and life.