If you are out doing sales that require you to quote or put in a proposal prior to the yes/no answer, then this tip is for you.

The fortune in sales is in the follow up.  Why?  Because most other people in business won’t do it.  Just because someone says no today, doesn’t mean they are a no forever.

In some cases, your prospect is a definite yes, they just haven’t got to telling you yet.  They are busy (like we all are) and especially if what you have quoted them on is not urgent for them, they may not have got around to letting you know.  Remember that just because something is not urgent, it doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

When following up, I have a simple little rule that I have for myself that I’m going to share with you.  My rule is that I never leave the appointment without the appointment.  That is, I never leave an appointment or a call with a prospect without having the next time we are to connect set out.  It may not be a physical appointment, it could be that I need to call them and follow up or even drop in or even simply email them.

If you give a prospect a quote you can simply tell them that if they want to go ahead and give you a call, but if you haven’t heard from them by a day/date (not too soon after, but not too long either), then you will give them a quick call to see what they think of the quote.  Then when you call them on that day/date, you can start the call by telling them that you are just giving them a quick call as you promised you would.

It is so much easier to follow someone up if you and they know (even if they have forgotten) that you are going to do it.  You don’t then feel silly or pushy by following up.  You have set the next time/day to talk or for you to follow them up before you have left the first appointment.

This not only saves you stress, it shows that you are reliable to the prospect as you do as you say you are going to do (extra bonus brownie points for that one), but it will increase your conversion rate.