It is very easy in a franchise to only ever take from the group.  You are taking the ideas, the systems, the strategies to build your business.  I’m not stupid, I know you have purchased the franchise and this is what you pay for, but you are missing out on a way to really grow you business.

In more than a decade of working with franchises, I’ve noticed something.  Those franchisees that are giving back to the franchise, in terms of helping other franchisees, suggestions, participation at conferences, communication, on committees plus also being a great franchisee to deal with because of even simple things like being really polite to the head office team, I’ve noticed that they are more profitable and in the top 10% of franchisees.

A little secret that most business coaches won’t tell you, but when you are teaching something to a client, you are reteaching yourself.  I’ve often spoken at a conference and in my head I’m thinking ‘Wow, this is good.  I need to take some notes!’  When you help other franchisees, you are helping yourself relearn the things that will grow your business.  It keeps your integrity high and what most business owners don’t realise is that your character is the biggest factor on whether your business will or will not succeed.

You get more bees with honey than vinegar.  If you treat the head office team well, you will get more assistance.  If you are rude to them and demanding, they will help you, but they won’t like you and over time, this will decrease the service you get.  Demanding gets you no where.  What most franchisees forget is that when they contact the head office team, they only think about themselves.  ‘I need this now’ kind of mentality.  The head office team are dealing not just with you, but with lots of franchisees.  They can’t drop everything just because you want something!  But if you treat them well, they will drop everything for you…..

If you are there just to take, then you are only getting HALF the value of what is available to you.  Start participating and contributing to the group and watch your revenue grow.