Always add value . . .

That’s my motto when delivery a keynote presentation at a conference or for a meeting.  It doesn’t matter if it is to a large conference audience or simply a team around a boardroom table!

I like to tailor make my presentations to help the audience that I am speaking to and where they are at, rather than produce a presentation that I’ve done a thousand times.  Every audience is unique so I like to create a presentation to add the most value to them!

So what are you looking for?


My main focus is on business and succeeding in business so therefore I use a very practical, interactive, down to earth presentation style.  I can speak on topics such as:

  • Success . . . Simplified
  • Business . . . Simplified
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Leadership / Coaching / Training
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Chaos to control
  • Team Training

NOTE:  Rotary Clubs and selected Not-For-Profit Organisations, please contact for potential complimentary presentation.