Across the world, the #1 reason
people choose to invest in a franchise is for SUPPORT!

Your Franchisees are your CUSTOMERS.

If we were to survey your ‘customers’, how would your franchise rate?

Is there room for improvement?

Does your team know how to help franchisees . . .

Make more PROFIT . . . simply with strategies that work?

Follow the System . . . without the 'tick and flick'?

Overcome Challenges . . . without losing their self respect?

Can your support team COACH your franchisees to success?

Increased Franchisee profitability means . . .

Happier Franchisees / Less Problems

Increased royalties to you

Increased brand awareness

A better return on investment for EVERYONE

All can potentially lead to selling more franchises too!

Franchisors, that I work with, hold these these traits or beliefs . . .

Investment Mindset / ROI

Care about franchisees (really!)

Long term view

Progressive / move with the times

Honesty & Integrity

Believe in SIMPLE solutions

Empower their team

A 'get it done' attitude

And most importantly, believe that without franchisees,
they would have NO business!

Without these beliefs or traits, I’m probably not the person for you . . . 

Know how to get results with simple strategies with first hand experience

More than 13 years of experience working with franchisors and franchisees

International Speaker and Best Selling Author

I care . . . maybe even a little too much!


To say its been successful, is to say half of it.  In the last 12 months we’ve had 50% growth.  Our franchisees incomes have grown by at least 20-30% and our franchise sales have increased by 20% . . . Our return on investment has been substantial.

Warren Ballantyne

Founder & CEO, Gutter-Vac


I strongly recommend Tracey in any position in franchising.  She really does have a handle on what to do and how to bring the best out of everybody, in every situation.

Debbie Stanton

General Manager, First Class Accounts

Closed Door In-House Training


  • At your location
  • Tailored to your franchise system
  • Your people ONLY in the room
  • Full day, interactive workshop

$5,000 (incl. GST & Travel)

Open Door Workshop (various locations)


  • Great for smaller or emerging franchises
  • Small numbers (Max. 15 in room)
  • Full day, interactive workshop
  • Dates TBA – register your interest

$ 795 pp (incl. GST – 20% discount for 3+ people)

Pre-Recorded Training (Use In House)


  • Delivered on USB
  • Keep forever and reuse
  • Activities and workbooks
  • Special Pre-Order offer (release Jan 18)

$2,995 (incl. GST & Postage)

Contact Tracey today to book or order.

Want to talk about it first?  Call Tracey on +61 407 564 119 or email


I offer this because I know this is an investment for you of . . .






If you are not satisfied, I’ll give you a full refund. That simple.

Increasing Franchisee Profitability

Using a simple process, your team will not only learn how to coach a franchisee to increase profitability, they will also learn the best strategies and how to teach them in a way that franchisees IMPLEMENT them.

Without profit, no business can survive

Time Management

How to get franchisees to take control on their time and get more ‘high quality’ activities done.


Holding a franchisee accountable to achieve what THEY wish to happen, without being a nasty task master, is a skill every coach needs.

Also, how to do this without a ‘tick and flick’ method and becoming the ‘unreasonable friend’, who doesn’t get side tracked by excuses!

Overcoming Challenges

This is the area where most support team members fail.

How do you help and coach a franchisee to help THEMSELVES out of their problems and overcome their challenges?

Franchisees need confidence to survive and succeed and support team need to help them with this.

Setting Goals and Making Plans

Helping franchisees achieve what they dreamed (or better) when they first invested in their franchise is what it is all about.

Creating plans (with the franchisees) is essential and they must be plans they will USE, not sit on a shelf, collecting dust!

Working on yourself

Those that support franchisees the best are those that work as hard on themselves as they do with franchisees.

Time management, learning, improving and upskilling – all with learning how not to take on all the emotions of the franchisees is not only essential for success, but for survival for support teams.

Questions and Answers

There is always time for specifics and Q&A – during and at the end of all sessions.

Interactive Activities

I’m not there to talk AT you . . . With interactive activities, learning is increased.

Plus, you are more than welcome to R&D (that’s rip off and deliver !) these activities for conference activities or ice-breakers.

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* Closed Door In-House Training

* Open Door Workshop

* Pre-Recorded Training (Pre-Order Now)

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