Across the world, the #1 reason people choose to invest in a franchise is for SUPPORT!

Your Franchisees are your CUSTOMERS.

If we were to survey your ‘customers’, how would your franchise rate?

Is there room for improvement?

Does your team know how to help franchisees . . .

Make more PROFIT . . . simply with strategies that work?

Follow the System . . . without the 'tick and flick'?

Overcome Challenges . . . without losing their self respect?

Can your support team COACH your franchisees to success?

Increased Franchisee profitability means . . .

Happier Franchisees / Less Problems

Increased royalties to you

Increased brand awareness

A better return on investment for EVERYONE

All can potentially lead to selling more franchises too!

Franchisors, that I work with, hold these these traits or beliefs . . .

Investment Mindset / ROI

Care about franchisees (really!)

Have a long term view

Progressive / move with the times

Honesty & Integrity

Believe in SIMPLE solutions

Empower their team

A 'get it done' attitude

And most importantly, believe that without franchisees, they would have NO business!

Without these beliefs or traits, I’m probably not the person for you . . . 

Know how to get results with simple strategies with first hand experience

International Speaker and Best Selling Author

More than 13 years of experience working with franchisors and franchisees

I care . . . maybe even a little too much!

To say its been successful, is to say half of it.  In the last 12 months we’ve had 50% growth.  Our franchisees incomes have grown by at least 20-30% and our franchise sales have increased by 20% . . . Our return on investment has been substantial.

Warren Ballantyne

Founder & CEO, Gutter-Vac

I strongly recommend Tracey in any position in franchising.  She really does have a handle on what to do and how to bring the best out of everybody, in every situation.

Debbie Stanton

General Manager, First Class Accounts

This course is specifically designed to teach you or improve your skills to COACH franchisees to grow and build their business and achieve success!

. Help your support team, Field Managers, Business Coaches, Executive team and maybe even you, the Franchisor, to better help and support your franchisees. . Both technical skill based AND soft skill coaching – all the essentials, taught in a practical, easy to learn style. .

Delivered online so that you can learn at a time that suits you.  

No wasted productivity – no one has to even leave the office!  


CFE points on completion of EACH module!

This way, if you would like, your team can pick and choose which modules are best suited TO THEM! .

Plus you can access the course as an individual, single franchise brand or multi-brand group…..


The single and multi-brand groups…. you can have UNLIMITED participants all for the one investment!  Including those completing their CFE! 


  • 12 modules (plus a BONUS 13th module)
  • 12 months access
  • Workbook & Quiz on every module
  • Certificate of Completion for each module
  • CFE accredited points on each module
  • For Single & Multi-Brand Group access – UNLIMITED participants can be registered!

Each Module is awarded 100 CFE points

I offer this because I know this is an investment for you of . . .





If you are not satisfied, I’ll give you a full refund. That simple.

All delivered online for your ease of access!  Every module includes a workbook and a quiz to gain your Certificate of Completion!

You . . . The Supporter

Intention is everything before helping others.  We cover foundational business principles to lay the ground work for future modules.  The goal is to have the student think about who they are helping and why, the framework to help and making their coaching/support about the franchisee, not themselves. (15 video lessons)

Increasing Profitability

Franchising is a game of business and the scorecard is profit! Discover how to COACH a franchisee in a simple way, to help them increase their profitability and grow their business.  This foundational work will help you have the plan for coaching moving forward.  This is an extremely powerful skill and it’s easier than people think! (9 video lessons)

Marketing 101

A coaching session with a franchisee won’t go by without some sort of discussion on marketing.  Learn how to teach marketing but also how to get franchisee to take control on their LAM and own their business.  This module also includes discussion on specific techniques – both on and offline. (28 video lessons)

Sales 101

A major ‘fear factor’ for many franchisees.  Learn my technique that in 10 minutes, you can eliminate fear, create confidence and have franchisees selling more!  Improving conversion rate is the fastest way to grow a business and it generally doesn’t cost a cent to do! (17 video lessons)

Goal Setting

Most coaches overcomplicated goal setting or do it in a way that a franchisee is not really ‘into’ their goals and do what it takes to achieve them!  Create plans that will get implemented, not sit on a shelf collecting dust… (16 video lessons)

How to run a coaching session

This module is about ‘how to coach’ rather than ‘what to coach’.  The art of asking quality questions, how to get results, how to set up your space for success.  This is the foundation to being a great coach and essential tool for anyone helping franchisees grow their business. (18 video lessons)

The Coaching Toolbox

No builder would walk into a job without having their toolbox in hand, ready to start work.  No coach should turn up to a coaching session without access to their ‘coaching tools’.  Learn all my favourite tools that WORK.  They are the ones I use the most and will give you the most bang for your buck when coaching. (28 video lessons)

Helping with financials . . . without being an Accountant!

You don’t need to be an accountant to make your way around a P&L or cashflow projection.  Every coach should have a basic understanding on how to use these items (and more) and also understand how to get a franchisee to use their accountant more effectively for their business. (14 video lessons)

Time Management

Business produces two results – money and time.  Many franchisees want control on their time and to be their own boss and gain that all important work/life balance!  As a coach, you have to understand how to coach a franchisee around the use of their time, where to leverage and where to do more! (15 video lessons)


‘You can’t find good people’ is the catch cry of many franchisees.  In this module, learn how to hire (and well) plus induct team.  How to coach franchisees on techniques to have a more effective team, create culture and get the staff that they deserve! (26 video lessons)

Struggling Franchisees

Understanding the ins and outs of working with struggling franchisees is a MUST for any coach.  This is a skill that will take you a long way!  Learn all my top techniques for successfully turning around struggling franchisees.  Without these techniques, tips and hints, working with a struggling franchisee can be the most stressful activity for any support team member. (21 video lessons)

Case Studies

Through this module, we will look at specific types of franchisees and situations/scenarios.  I will take you through how I handle these situations plus ideas and ways to coach a franchisee through them.  This will be invaluable for newer coaches, but will also add value to any coach. (22 video lessons)

Plus a Bonus Module . . . Presenting 101

This module is perfect for anyone on your team that needs to present to franchisees . . . Initial franchise training, regional training, conference.  Learn how to teach to a group so that they learn AND enjoy the session.  There are some keys to success to present in a way that popped will listen, learn and retain the information. (29 Video lessons)

Individual Access


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Single Brand Access


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Multi-Brand Access


UNLIMITED members of ALL of yours brands can be registered via a special link.

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