Tip #51 – Critical non essentials

Have you heard of this before?  These are the things you do for your customers that are not really required, but when you do them, your customers get that little extra wow feeling from your business.   I think of it a bit like if you went on a date, the guy opens the... read more

Tip #97 – Set your intentions

As a business owner, if you want to achieve something then you need to set your intentions on it.  You have probably heard of law of attraction or RAS (Reticular Activating System).  These are things of where you set your intentions, set your focus on what you want.... read more

Tip #18 – What are you contributing?

It is very easy in a franchise to only ever take from the group.  You are taking the ideas, the systems, the strategies to build your business.  I’m not stupid, I know you have purchased the franchise and this is what you pay for, but you are missing out on a way to... read more

Tip #82 – Do good stuff

I have a term I use that is business karma.  I kind of believe that if I do something good for someone else, then eventually it will come back to me.  Now, it is not a direct back and forth most of the time.  I might do something good for someone and then they will do... read more

Tip #42 – Keep things simple

Don’t over complicate things.  Keep things as simple as possible.  Keep the main thing the main thing.  The simpler you can make your business, the easier it will be to run.  Simplicity is the key to a successful business.     read more

Tip #87 – Believe in yourself and the system

Belief is one of those words thrown around that can seem a bit ‘airy fairy’ but it is vital to your business.  Belief is not knowing everything.  That’s impossible.  Belief is understanding who you are and what you do and having the confidence in that. Believe that... read more

Tip #14 – Watch your health

As a business owner, you need to watch your health.  Making sure you have regular sleep, eat well, drinking plenty of water and exercise.  I know first hand what can happen if you don’t look after your health. It is so easy to get caught up in your business and get... read more

Tip #68 – Set a timer

Do you find that most days, your time is just slipping through your fingers?  You get to the end of the day and firstly don’t know where the time in the day has gone, but secondly, you don’t know what you have achieved in that time and it in fact feels like you didn’t... read more

Tip #31 – Have an exit strategy

Every business owner should have an exit strategy set in place in their business from day one.  I know that right now you might be thinking that you love your business and you want it forever.  You are never going to exit it.  Or you might be thinking that it is years... read more

Tip #38 – Be confident

Many franchisees are simply not confident, especially with the opportunity they have in their hands with their business.  What I see that stops many franchisees is that they are fearful of being overly confident and things not working out or that if they are too... read more

Tip #98 – Which social media?

There are so many different types of social media to choose from now and although you need to be on social media, you don’t have to be active on all the different types of social media. I know this may sound different to what everyone else is telling you, but I see a... read more

Tip #55 – Starve the black dog

There is a story that goes about a guy that has a black dog and a white dog.  The white dog is lovely and a good dog.  The black dog is not good – it is a mean dog and fierce.  He is telling someone that he is not happy with the black dog, but it continues to... read more

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