Tip #38 – Be confident

Many franchisees are simply not confident, especially with the opportunity they have in their hands with their business.  What I see that stops many franchisees is that they are fearful of being overly confident and things not working out or that if they are too... read more

Tip #98 – Which social media?

There are so many different types of social media to choose from now and although you need to be on social media, you don’t have to be active on all the different types of social media. I know this may sound different to what everyone else is telling you, but I see a... read more

Tip #55 – Starve the black dog

There is a story that goes about a guy that has a black dog and a white dog.  The white dog is lovely and a good dog.  The black dog is not good – it is a mean dog and fierce.  He is telling someone that he is not happy with the black dog, but it continues to... read more

Tip #69 – Systemise the routine

In every business things do not always go according to plan.  As a franchisee, you understand the importance of having a system and then of course sticking to the system.  The challenge is that when things go off plan, it can create a bit of a hiccup in your business,... read more

Tip #2 – To do lists

There is actually an art form of doing to do lists.  Many franchisees have these massive to do lists that overwhelm them not help them to get things done. Now, don’t get me wrong, you need a to do list.  If you are trying to remember it all in your head, you are going... read more

Tip #72 – What are your systems?

The success of franchising comes from its systems.  What most franchisees forget is that there are some systems that you need to create.  These are the systems that are unique to you and your business. We spend so much time focusing on the systems of the franchise,... read more

Tip #83 – Not Negotiable Time

Time management can be a task that it is hard for many franchisees.  There are more things to do in a day than time available creating stress and overwhelm.  There are many time management strategies out there that you can implement, but here is my ‘go to’ strategy... read more

Tip #52 – Expect a great result

When you are about to undertake an activity, make sure you are expecting a great result.  So many franchisees are about to do something, say a new marketing strategy, and before they even begin they are already making statements such as ‘This probably won’t work, but... read more

Tip #73 – Who are you associating with?

If you have ever read a wealth creation book, they will probably have written in it somewhere that your current net worth is probably within about 10% of the average of the five people that you associate with the most. I want to use that same thought, but in your... read more

Tip #12 – Be Happy

I know this might seem like a weird tip, but I’ve found those franchisees that are happy and enjoying their business journey are generally more profitable – which of course is the purpose of having a business. At conferences, I see a lot of grumpy franchisees. ... read more

Tip #70 – Who does what by when?

A common problem with franchisees is that they are just not organised.  Often times they are running around trying to do everything themselves and not being very effective at it.  Even if they do have a team, they are under-utilising them and this shows in the results... read more

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